Submit a Student Poster Presentation Proposal

Poster Proposal Submission Deadline:  September 13th, 2019

This year's conference title and overall theme is: Peace in the Era of 'America First': An Argument for International Education. However, we welcome student poster presentations on all topics related to study abroad and international education. To the right, you will find examples of posters created for past conferences. Please review the information below to determine what you would like to present on and which theme your topic best falls under. Once you have decided on a topic, please fill out the form below to be considered for selection.

Student Poster Example

Proposal Session Themes:

  • Study Abroad– Posters under this theme can focus on your study abroad experience. Please include pictures as well as text describing what you have learned through your study abroad experience about the country you have traveled to and what you enjoyed most about your program.
  • Culture– Posters under this theme should describe a specific culture and what you have learned about this culture through your research, personal experience, and/or your study abroad experience. These posters should include pictures as well as information related to your topic based on research.
  • International Research– Posters under this theme should include research conducted in a specific area of international education or international research. Research may be conducted under the direction of a professor or professional; however, the poster must be created independently by the student.


Student Poster Presentation Proposal

Please fill out the information below to be considered for a student poster presentation. Poster presentations will occur on Friday, October 11th.
  • Choose the answer that best reflects your level when the conference takes place (October 2019)
  • What do you hope others will learn from your poster presentation?
  • Maximum of 250 words
  • What country is your poster presentation based on?
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
  • Posters should be on a Tri-fold board as they will be placed on a table during the presentation session. If chosen, you must register for the conference which will take place in Lake Mary, Florida on October 10th and 11th. Student registration is complimentary. You are responsible for your own poster materials, transportation, and hotel accommodations. More information on the conference can be found under the events tab. Selected individuals will be notified in late September.

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