FCIE Study Abroad Consortium Programs


The Florida Consortium for International Education (FCIE) is a consortium of over 30 public and private post-secondary institutions in the state of Florida. One of the goals of FCIE is to develop study abroad consortium programs involving multiple institutions with the objective of increasing program enrollment and decreasing students costs. Some programs are designed for a specific discipline, while others are designed to accommodate multiple disciplines.

FCIE has partnered with EF College Study Tours (EF) in the development of several consortium programs. Under this agreement, the pricing provided by EF is only for FCIE study abroad consortium programs and will not be available to individual institutions. The cost proposal is based on a structured program negotiated between FCIE and EF designed to allow students the opportunity to experience the country, people, and culture of the destination. During these activities, all institutions will take part in that portion of the program and there will not be any customization to the itinerary. Additionally, faculty from different disciplines then have the option to add on other activities that are specific to their learning objectives. This will incur an additional cost and will be negotiated between the individual institution and EF directly.

In order for these programs to run effectively, there must be several points of cooperation among the institutions while at the same time allowing each college or university to maintain their own internal processes and procedures for handling study abroad.

Please see the documents under “Program Information” for each program for additional information.


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