FCIE Scholarship Application


The Florida Consortium is providing its Member Institutions with a scholarship for Spring/Summer terms.


Each member institution’s study abroad department will be receiving a total of $500 to disperse as they see fit. This means they may give one scholarship or split the $500 into a number of smaller scholarships, if they wish.


Students will complete the application and turn it in to the study abroad department.


The study abroad department will select the qualifying student(s) according to their own standards and send the winning applications to info@fcie.org.


The funds will then be sent to the department in the form of a check to apply to the student’s program fee.  The check does not go directly to the student, but is applied to lowering whatever fee is attached to their semester abroad or short term, faculty-led program.


If you have any questions, please contact us at info@fcie.org.

FCIE Study Abroad Scholarship Application