2021 Workshops

This Month’s Featured Workshop

Wednesday, June 9 @ 4pm

Topic: Understanding Florida Linkage Institutes

Description:  What are the Florida Linkage Institutes? Who do they benefit? Can students who attend non-host institutions benefit from these institutes? Does the application and review process at each institute differ? How can we collaborate more effectively to ensure that this critical resource is understood by colleges and universities in our state?


  1. Rachel Hendrix, Executive Director, International Affairs, University of West Florida
  2. Lisbeth Isaacs, District Director, Global Operations, Broward College
  3. Viroselie Caviedes, Academic Program DIrector, Kimberly Greene Latin American and Caribbean Center, Florida International University
  4. Mark Hartman, Director of International Recruitment and Partnerships, University of Central Florida

Concluded Workshops

February Topic: A Conversation on Senate Bill 1110

Date & Time: February 24th @ 4:00pm

Description: On February 8, 2021, a new bill was filed in the Florida Senate (SB1110) that would 1) remove the Florida-China Institute from the list of authorized Florida linkage institutes, 2) prohibit any public college or university in our state from having an agreement with any entity based in a communist country, 3) require public colleges and universities in our state from withdrawing from any such agreement. How will this impact international partnerships, international student recruitment, and international education in our state? How are different state colleges and universities responding to this proposed legislation? Please join the conversation among peers.  

Moderator: Vilma Fuentes, Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs, Santa Fe College 

March Topic: Creating an FCIE Study Abroad Consortium

Date & Time: Wednesday, March 17th @ 4:00pm

Description: Several international education leaders in Florida have been dreaming for years about the possibility of creating a study abroad consortium in our state. Other parts of the country like Illinois have had this type of state-wide arrangement since the mid-1980’s, and organizations such as the College Consortium for International Study (CCIS) have provided a national-level model that could easily be modified and applied to Florida. Join us for this presentation and discussion as we explore the benefits, challenges, and work needed to create a new FCIE Study Abroad Consortium.


  1. David Moore, Executive Director, International Education, Broward College
  2. Liesl Picard, Program Manager, Kimberly Green Latin American and Caribbean Center, Florida International University
April Topic: Building International Partnerships at a Florida Community College

Date & Time: Wednesday, April 14th @ 4:00pm

Description: How can institutions new to the field of international education create new international partnerships? What models are there for 2+2 and 3+2 partnerships with foreign institutions? Is it possible to create such programs at a low cost to domestic and international students interested in studying abroad? How can these types of partnerships benefit faculty? Join us for this interactive session as colleagues from the FCS and SUS describe the steps they have taken to develop international partnerships that facilitate both student and faculty mobility.


  1. AnneLiese Busch, Seminole State College
  2. SUS or FCS Presenter

May Topic: Creating and Supporting Virtual Exchange Programs

Date & Time: Wednesday, May 12th @ 4pm

Description: Virtual exchange programs have been growing in popularity for the past decade. The COVID-19 pandemic and interruption of all mobility programs has encouraged many of the colleges and universities to prioritize this type of engagement. It is a low cost, high impact practice that makes rich, meaningful international engagement more accessible than study abroad.  Join us for this presentation as colleagues from the Florida College System and State University System describe the work they have undertaken during the past year to create new and support existing virtual exchange programs.


  1. Lindi Kourtellis, Study Abroad and Global Engagement Coordinator, Valencia College
  2. Jessica Cassidy, Coordinator of International Education, Santa Fe College
  3. Dr. Mary Risner, Associate Director, Center for Latin American Studies, University of Florida